How To Use Silver Nipple Cups

How To Use Silver Nipple Cups

If you want to prevent sore nipples and protect yourself, read our guide on how to use silver nipple cups and follow yourself while feeding your baby.

Silver nipple cups are small & useful cups you can place over the nipple to help avoid any breastfeeding injury. Moreover, they can be used to relieve cracked and sore nipples and are beneficial both for the mother and child. 

They are made of 925 sterling steel and take advantage of silver's inherent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects to provide soothing for breastfeeding nipples. They're non-toxic, environmentally safe, and quite easy to use. Most importantly, they are safe for your kid and may even prove beneficial during breastfeeding.

If you're not sure where to start, simply put the cups over your nipples and secure them with your bra or breastfeeding pads. Wear them at all times during the day and night, including between feeding sessions, until the discomfort or injury has subsided. If you're using the cups as a preventative measure, wear them every day for the first two or three weeks, and if necessary, after that as well.

They have a proprietary anatomical shape that has been validated to match any size nipple without compressing it, and they're handcrafted in by certified silversmiths. Of course, this rounded form allows air to circulate, and the edges have been folded by hand to prevent any discomfort.

The best thing about silver nipple cups is that they will last a lifetime with proper treatment. Therefore, you can use them during your whole breastfeeding process, regardless if you are nursing one or ten children. 

Of course, they're cost-effective, too, as they should be the only source of nipple treatment, saving you money on doctor appointments, medications, creams, and balms.

As a side note, since 2002, they have been endorsed by midwives, lactation counsellors and obstetricians all around the globe. Moreover, they have been tried, reviewed and approved by breastfeeding mothers worldwide.