NILIANA Silver Cups are made of 925 silver and they are specially designed for breastfeeding mothers. By using antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of silver, Niliana Silver Cups accelerate the healing of breastfeeding cuts and cracks, and help keeping you and your baby safe.


  • Sustainable

    All NILIANA products are made from 925 silver and sourced locally.

  • Handmade Products

    All of our products are hand crafted by our team to ensure the highest quality of product.

  • Eco-Friendly

    NILIANA Silver Cups do not have a use by date and can be used indefinitely without the need of a new one.

  • Easy to Use

    A pair of NILIANA only weights 5 grams. It is easy to carry around, keep clean and use.

We are here to help you enjoy your experience

At NILIANA, our mission is to make breastfeeding a pain-free journey for mothers all around the world.

Nourishing a child is a beautiful experience – we think it should be comfortable, too!


With the start of nursing had cracked and sore nipples; I used these night and day for couple of days; and thankfully watched how miraculously they worked; I still use them on and off when needed. worth the money.

Catarina P.

Breastfeeding twins for 12 days and my poor nipples were struggling with the amount of feeds. Nipple cream helped to a degree but I dreaded every feed and never had the time to allow them to recover! Heard about these from a celebrity post on Instagram and never thought I’d accessorise my nipples with these expensive ‘silver cymbals’, but boy it was worth the cost! I noticed the different in 24hrs. Significantly less pain during feeds and smoother, healed nipples. Worn every day! Highly recommend!

Hannah H.

100% would recommend these magical things have saved my nipples from my tongue tied little one and made everything very manageable! Not sure how well they will work going out as I'm still in my first week of having my baby home but I think they'll be easy enough to use/clean/put back on out and about now I've practised so much at home.

Stephanie J.

I didn't believe the hype, and I was wrong - the hype was real!!! My nipples were so sore from the early days of nursing and I was desperate. I used the Niliana cups and they were better within 24 hours. So grateful! Highly recommend!

Nadia T.

Really happy with this purchase, as a 2nd time breastfeeding new mum the relief of wearing these was almost instant. I wish I knew about these the first time. They have helped aid recovery of what was very painful, sore chapped and bleeding nipples from a Hungry newborn. I received them within 48hrs of purchase after.
I Would 100% recommend these to anyone looking for a natural solution.

Claire M.