How does Niliana work?

Silver has been known and used for generations for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Current scientific studies confirm these benefits. 

Niliana has been crafted in an anatomically accurate shape of the nipple and your nipple’s contact with silver aids in providing relief to sore skin around the breast area, and promotes disinfection and repair. 

Few drops of your own breast milk helps keep the nipples soft and moist.

Why do mums prefer Niliana?

Sore and cracked nipples are a very common problem amongst breastfeeding mums. There are several solutions to this problem, such as using creams, cold compresses, and different types of nipple coverings. 

Using creams and compresses costs a fortune in the long run, whereas you only need to purchase Niliana once in your life. Also, chemicals from creams cause concern for some mums as babies are very sensitive to chemical substances.

Silicone nipple covers are also an alternative, however they are made of plastic, and need to be replenished frequently. Niliana Silver Nipple Cups are handmade with 100% natural 925 silver, and can be used indefinitely without ever wearing out.

How do I use my Niliana Silver Nipple Cups?

To prevent or ease sore nursing nipples, leave a couple of drops of breast milk in each cup at the end or your breastfeeding session and place the cups directly over the nipple like a cupping glass. Keep cups on for as long as possible between breastfeeding sessions. Remove the cups before breastfeeding.

Do not use any other nipple treatments in conjunction with Niliana. Doing so may compromise or reduce the efficacy of the product.

How can I clean my Niliana Cups?

They are very easy to clean, simply wash them after each usage with warm water and use your fingers to remove any milk residue.

For how long I can use my Niliana Cups?

We recommend that you use your Niliana Silver Nipple Cups for as long as you can between breastfeeding sessions. Continue to do so until all cracks and cuts on your nipples are healed, and you can breastfeed without pain. Afterwards, use them as needed.

As long as you keep your cups clean, they are safe to use with the same efficacy, no matter how long you use them! You can even save and use your Niliana cups for your future children.

Do I need to use nipple cream with Niliana Cups?

No. Please do not use any cream with Niliana Cups. Just express a few drops of your breast milk into the cups while putting them on. This is enough to keep the area moist and start the healing process.

Are there different sizes of Niliana Cups?

No, there is only one universal size that fits all. We have developed Niliana Silver Nipple Cups with a special shape with a rounded peak that can comfortably fit around any size of nipple.

Can I use Niliana Cups to prevent sore nipples?

Absolutely! We recommend the use of Niliana as a preventive measure. Through natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties of silver, Niliana creates a safe and comfortable environment for your nipples.

Can I use my Niliana Cups with absorbent breast pads?

Yes, you can. If you want to use absorbent breast pads, place your Niliana Cups under the pads, directly touching your nipples.

What is 925 silver?

925 Silver is the purest form of silver that is possible to mould and give a shape. It is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Please note that as 999 silver cannot be shaped, it can only be used as plating.

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