How is silver so magical in Niliana Cups? A scientific answer.

How is silver so magical in Niliana Cups? A scientific answer.

We often get asked what the significance of silver is. What is the fuss about? How is it different from any other material? So we decided to write this blog to clarify what an amazing material it is!

Reading about what Niliana Cups can do, you may find yourself thinking this sounds too “magical,” but the effects of silver are grounded in scientific research and evidence, as well as millennia old wisdom. Today, silver has all sorts of medicinal uses; wound care, preventing and treating infections in patients with severe burns, coating surgical equipment, in endotracheal tubes, catheters…  Hippocrates, the “father of modern medicine,” wrote about using silver in healing wounds around 400 BC. 

Did you know that there are records of silver being used for therapeutic purposes as far back as the Han Dynasty in China, around 1500 BC? Silver was used frequently in Phoenician, Macedonian, and Persian empires too.

Even before we understood how silver worked as an antibiotic, it was being used to hinder growth of dangerous germs. For example, silver coins were dropped in water and wine barrels to ensure they kept fresh for a long time. During World War I, silver foils and sutures were used to cover and close the wounds of soldiers. 

Silver is effective even against bacteria that have developed a resistance due to excessive use of chemical antibiotics. For example, MRSA, an antibiotic resistant Staph bacteria, referred to as the “superbug,” is quite common in hospitals. Many facilities are using equipment embedded with silver, like surgical tools, needles, stethoscopes, furniture, door handles, linens to combat MRSA.

It was only recently that scientists discovered how silver works as a “biocide.” Silver ions can enter the bacterium cell and disrupt the chemical and structural bonds that are necessary for the bacteria's survival, while not harming mammalian cells. This makes silver just the perfect material for Niliana Cups, and it delivers. :) 

As you can see, we did not make Niliana with a good material for a nipple shield. We made Niliana with the best material there is! You can safely buy and use Niliana Silver Nipple Cups, and experience its wonderful effects for yourself. Your nipples will be so grateful! 

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